Unboxing the Price Tags: Explaining Elements of Office Cleaning Cost

Office cleaning is a process that commercial cleaning companies generally provide to help clean, sanitize, and organize office spaces. It provides the cleaning services required to keep the office clean, including basic cleaning processes and deep cleaning services. Depending on various factors, these services have different office cleaning costs for other companies.

To understand the office cleaning cost in Sydney, one must know that several external factors influence the cost of cleaning. These factors include the office size, cleaning frequency, cleaning service type, requirements of cleaning agents, additional services, and schedules. Before choosing a good office cleaning company, look into the average price list curated for you.

Average Office Cleaning Cost And Price List

The list of average cost for office cleaning is curated here with some of the fundamental factors that influence the cost of office cleaning by increasing or decreasing the price. It must be noted that the office cleaning cost can vary for different companies depending on the certificates and reputation.

Size of The Office

The foremost aspect of office cleaning cost determination is the size of the office. The larger the office, the higher the price, and the smaller the office, the higher the price. Let us take a look at what the office size price plan looks like:

Office SizeCost
Small Office (up to 1,500 sq. ft.)$350 – $500
Medium Office (1,500 – 6,000 sq. ft.)$500 – $750
Large Office (1,000 – 5,000 sq. ft.)$750 and above

As mentioned in the table, square footage is a crucial aspect in calculating the cost of cleaning, which is mostly calculated during initial site visits. The fundamental element of calculating this cost is that larger spaces require more cleaning personnel and resources apart from time.

Frequency of Cleaning

The cleaning frequency is another aspect of the office space that influences office cleaning costs. This means the number of times you avail for cleaning will determine the cost of cleaning.

The higher the cleaning service frequency, the higher the price will be. Similarly, if a customer opts for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly, the cost can either increase or decrease. The average cost for office cleaning concerning the frequency of cleaning is given below:

Frequency of CleaningCost
Monthly Cleaning$0.35 – $0.65 per sq. ft.
Weekly Cleaning$0.55 – $0.65 per sq. ft.
Daily Cleaning$0.50 – $0.55 per sq. ft.

For cleaning services that are offered based on the frequency of cleaning, they will require contract renewal with time and can be subjected to changes.

Different Types of Cleaning Services and Price Lists

Apart from the size of the office and frequency of the cleaning service, the office cleaning cost is determined by the type of service that is opted for. Some of the cleaning services and the average price list are given below:

Type of CleaningCost
Basic Cleaning$0.25 – $0.50 per sq. ft.
Specialized Cleaning$0.50- $1 per sq. ft.
Deep Cleaning$0.15 – $0.30 per sq. ft.
  • The essential cleaning services will include cleaning requirements like dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, and restroom cleaning. These essential cleaning services can be opted on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Deep cleaning services include tasks requiring more time, attention, and any specialized cleaning method, equipment, or agent. Cleaning tasks like carpet cleaning, window washing, floor polishing, and HVAC maintenance are some deep cleaning services.
  • Specialized cleaning services for office cleaning include cleaning electronic equipment, disinfecting high-touch areas, cleaning interiors and exteriors of upholstery, and cleaning cupboards thoroughly, including inside and outside surface areas.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

  • The additional requirements of cleaning service, which include the necessity for specialized cleaning supplies and equipment, can incur higher charges in office cleaning costs.
  • Most of the cleaning packages for offices include supplies and equipment; however, in cases where the cleaning service will consist of additional cleaning needs, it will call for importing or pre-ordering equipment.
  • This aspect of cleaning service can increase the office cleaning cost in Sydney, given that it’s a busy city.

Considering these elements, charting a comprehensive cleaning cost for the office is easy. Let us take a look at a sample cleaning price table to gain a better understanding.

Here’s what a sample price table for office cleaning in Sydney would be like:

Size of OfficeFrequencyBasic Cleaning Cost (per sq. ft.)Deep Cleaning Cost (per sq. ft.)Total Estimated Cost
Small (800 sq. ft.)Weekly$0.15$0.10$120 – $160
Medium (3,000 sq. ft.)Bi-weekly$0.25$0.15$750 – $900
Large (8,000 sq. ft.)Daily$0.20$0.12$1,600 – $2,000

Although such a pricelist can give an insight into how the pricing works, it is necessary to ask for quotes from the commercial cleaning company before you decide on one cleaning company. Ensure that the quote is produced only after the company does an initial site check, or else do not accept the quote, as there are chances of additional hidden charges.

Apart from these elements, other factors that influence the cost of office cleaning are crucial determining components. Let us look into these factors and how they affect the office cleaning cost.

Level of Detail

Some workplaces may additionally require deep cleansing or specialized interest in specific regions, together with kitchens or conference rooms. The greater the purpose of the cleaning, the higher the value.

Cleaning Company Reputation and Experience

Reputable and experienced cleansing businesses also produce better quotes. However, their knowledge and professionalism can contribute to an extra thorough and green cleansing provider.

Geographical Location

The cost of living and business charges in distinctive regions of Sydney can impact the general pricing. Central commercial enterprise districts or high-value neighborhoods can also increase cleaning prices.

Contract Duration

Long-time period contracts or commitments may lead to discounted rates. Cleaning agencies frequently provide better pricing for customers who commit to prolonged service duration.

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