Understanding Types of Floor In Cleaning: A Step Towards Perfect Cleanliness

Floors become essential to every building because they form the basic framework, and maintaining a clean, hygienic floor is even more crucial. Being susceptible to high traffic and germs, floor cleaning must be conducted regularly. However, not all floors are the same type and, therefore, have different types of floor cleaning.

Understanding the floor type is necessary to achieve the correct cleaning method, specifically the cleaning agents, because not all substances suit all floors. Using the wrong cleaning solution can become the nightmare of a designer floor like maple wood flooring. To ensure that such instances do not occur, we discuss a comprehensive and carefully curated type of floor and its cleaning method.

Types of Floor in Cleaning and Floor Cleaning Methods

As mentioned earlier, every building or architectural framework includes a floor that may or may not be of the same material. Depending on the aesthetics, purpose of the building, or other specific requirements, the floor type can vary. Let us delve into the different types of floors and their cleaning methods.

Hardwood Floors

This type of flooring consists of a single strip of wood laid on the ground to form a wood-like coating on the floor. The cleaning method for this floor type is:

  • Sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove the accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Removing excess water from the floor using a damp mop to prevent any damage to the floor.
  • One of the methods to preserve this type of flooring is to perform occasional waxing and polishing on the floor.

Hardwood floor cleaning

Laminate Floors

Floors subjected to multi-layer synthetic flooring create a protective layer using the presence of the applique. This type of flooring is called laminate floors, and its cleaning method includes:

  • Begin by sweeping or mopping to remove the collected dirt and debris. The floor can also be vacuum-cleaned if necessary.
  • Like the previous one, the laminate floors can be damaged if excessive water accumulates. For this reason, remove the excessive water using a damp mop.
  • You can use water and vinegar as a mild cleaning solution to disinfect or remove dirt from laminated floors.
  • Laminated floor cleaning methods are of different types, amongst which there is one that ensures to keep the floor safe. Using furniture pads will help prevent any scratches on the floors.

Laminated floor cleaning

Tile Floors

Amongst the types of floor in cleaning, the flooring type is called a tiled floor, when the floor is covered using blocks of hard ceramic materials like stone, metal, or baked clay. Experienced cleaners in Sydney use professional cleaning method to clean the tile floor.

  • The best way to clean tile floor is to mop or sweep the flooring using mild cleaning solutions.
  • A pH-neutral cleaning solution is a requisite, and this can also be a homemade combination like water and mild detergent.
  • To clean the grout, use baking soda with water if no specialized grout cleaner exists.
  • Prevent complicated cleaning or rubbing materials to prevent damage on the tiled floor.

Tile floor cleaning

Vinyl Floors

The fiberglass cushioned flooring that comes in large, medium, or small sheets to cover the floor is called vinyl flooring sheets. It is made from several layers of durable materials to form a highly durable coating. The cleaning method includes:

  • The primary step to removing dirt from vinyl floors is regularly sweeping or vacuuming them.
  • This is followed by using a damp mop and mild vinyl floor cleaner, which will help prevent the accumulation of germs.
  • Two things to prevent damage on vinyl floors are avoiding the usage of hard scrubbers and instantly wiping any spills on the floors.

Vinyl floor cleaning

Stone Floors (Marble or Granite)

Hard stones that are either polished or unpolished to cover the floor include marble or granite. Cleaning these stones requires specific methods that include processes like:

  • Sweeping and dusting the surface to remove the dust accumulated on the surface.
  • Use a pH-neutral stone cleaner to disinfect or sanitize the stone floors. The alternative to this cleaning method can be water and a mild detergent that will not harm the stone floor.
  • One of the deep cleaning methods for this type of floor is to seal it regularly to protect it from stains and moisture.

Marble floor cleaning

Carpeted Floors

Using carpets to cover the floor surface gives the floor an aesthetic impact, but cleaning these carpets requires specialized cleaning methods depending on the carpet’s material. Professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney use proper carpet floor cleaning methods. However, specific standard cleaning requirements must be followed for all carpet types, which include:

  • Vacuum the carpet regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and allergens on the carpet.
  • Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is suggested to clean the carpet deep once a speculated time.
  • Instantly treat the stains using suitable carpet stain remover, and rugs are preferred in high-traffic areas rather than carpets.

Carpeted floor cleaning

Concrete Floors

When the floors are covered with a fine mixture of cement, sand, water, and other mixtures, the floor type is called concrete floor. Amongst all the types of floor in cleaning, this type of flooring keeps the surface complex and robust but requires a regular cleaning procedure that includes:

  • To remove the dirt and debris accumulated on the surface, use sweeping or mopping as a cleaning method.
  • Clean the concrete floors with pH-neutral cleaner and mild detergent for sanitizing effectively.
  • Cleaning can be enhanced by using a soft-bristle brush or mop to remove stubborn stains.

Concrete floor cleaning

Bamboo Floors

Although this type of flooring is uncommon, bamboo floors represent aesthetic expression with quality floor coverage. It can act as an alternative to carpeted floors. Cleaning the bamboo floor includes:

  • Sweeping or vacuuming the dirt to prevent any scratches or damages.
  • A damp mop with water or a mild bamboo cleaner is an effective sanitizing agent.
  • Prevent excessive water or acidic cleaners for cleaning this floor type as it can damage the material.

Bamboo floor cleaning

Professional Floor Cleaners For Perfect Surface Finish

Floor cleaning can be challenging, especially when you need clarification about the cleaning methods or are unaware of the cleaning solutions suitable for the floor. This requires the help of professional cleaning services who are experienced and well-versed with such cleaning requirements.

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