Unboxing And Understanding The Frequency Of Office Cleaning

Office cleaning can be a challenging management task, especially when you don’t own a floored workspace; it’s a world in itself. And even if you figure out the best cleaning solutions and the frequency of office cleaning, one crucial question remains: how often should your office space be cleaned?

Maintaining the office space clean and hygienic is the minimum necessity for accommodating employees. This process is essential for employees’ health and well-being and for creating a holistic environment. Due to the need for such a situation, curating a well-drafted cleaning process becomes necessary.

While drafting the frequency of office cleaning, several factors influence the need to keep the cleaning procedure constant and within a stipulated interval. It is essential to know these external factors first to curate a schedule that best suits your office space.

Factors To Check While Curating Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is mainly designed to cater to the client’s unique needs, especially their work schedule, specific cleaning necessities, and the convenience of working within the space that needs to be cleaned. However, other factors influence the cleaning frequency, and these include:

Office Size And Layout

The foremost aspect to scrutinize while determining the cleaning frequency is to check the size and layout of the office through site inspection. The site inspection procedure then plays a crucial role in how huge the space is, how often it can be cleaned, and what materials it consists of.

These are some of the essential elements that are examined for site inspection. The elements included give a clue of how the space can be cleaned and what frequency of cleaning is best feasible. The number of office rooms, cubicles, common areas to be cleaned, restrooms, and kitchens are some of the spaces that fall under immediate cleaning.

Foot Traffic

The second element for determining the frequency of office cleaning is examining the area to record which space has higher foot traffic than other office spaces. For example, office spaces like corridors, hallways, and entries are some of the spaces that record the highest mobility of humans.

Such spaces help determine the frequency of certain specific cleaning requirements, such as the daily cleaning procedures to be implemented, where they should be implemented, and how often the cleaning process should be performed. Therefore, foot traffic helps determine the frequency of office cleaning.

Type Of Business Your Company Holds

Yes, you read it right! The type of business that your company runs and the space it occupies are directly related to office cleaning frequency. Let us say, for example, you run a medical center. In such cases, these office spaces need to be cleaned daily, including sanitization and disinfection.

That said, a business with materials, including hazardous or major waste-producing processes, will have a more frequent cleaning procedure than a regular workspace like offices and educational institutions.

Employee Health And Productivity

Although we have discussed this element beforehand, it remains a crucial factor. Employee health and productivity are the prime factors that remain central to determining the frequency of office cleaning. The very need to keep an office clean is to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for employees.

One recommended aspect of office cleaning is cleaning regularly to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. This frequent cleaning procedure will reduce the risk of illness within the company and ensure a healthy workspace. With health and cleanliness comes the promise of a holistic workspace for employees to yield productivity and new ideas.

Allergies And Sensitivities

This factor remains subjective to the needs of employees. While it might not sound very crucial, being considerate of individuals allergic to pollen or dust is a good way of assuring that employees hold importance in the company.

One good way to avoid allergies is by frequently cleaning, mainly focusing on indoor air quality through HVAC maintenance and air purifiers. The air quality can be maintained through a regular cleaning procedure of fifteen days or weekly, minimizing pollen or dust specks.
office cleaning frequency

Special Events or Occasions

Most commercial cleaning companies in Sydney usually determine the frequency of office cleaning using regular office timings and schedules. However, special occasions or events that require additional and unique cleaning services still need to be addressed.

Considering the special events, the need to tweak office cleaning accordingly is essential. It will require keeping the environment clean and maintaining the space for important meetings, presentations, and gatherings.

Cleaning Standards And Regulations For Frequency Of Office Cleaning

Office cleaning and maintaining the office space comes with a certain degree of responsibility to follow industrial hygiene standards. Companies must follow cleaning standards and regulations, especially regarding certifications and licensing.

While this remains true in regular office spaces, industrial spaces like healthcare facilities are strictly required to keep the space clean and hygienic to prevent spreading infections. To follow this sanitization and disinfection requirement, it is necessary to follow a daily cleaning schedule with deep cleaning procedures performed once every fifteen days or monthly.

Given that these factors are crucial in determining the frequency of office cleaning, here are some general office cleaning tips on how frequent a cleaning schedule can be:

Daily Cleaning

office spaces that require daily cleaning as a part of the cleaning schedule include hallways, corridors, restrooms, kitchens, and cubicles. They must follow a cleaning procedure that starts with dusting, wiping, mopping, and vacuuming.

Regular Vacuuming And Dusting

while regular vacuuming and dusting are part of the cleaning process, they must be performed daily to ensure no dust particles are left behind. This procedure can be used to clean furniture surfaces, flooring, workspace, and any other place that caters to the need for constant cleaning.

Trash Removal

One of the foremost and most crucial aspects of frequent office cleaning is removing trash promptly. An excellent way to ensure the waste is discarded correctly is by segregating materials into recyclable, reusable, wet, and dry wet.

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The frequency of office cleaning is more than just determining the number of times the cleaning process must be performed. It is a meticulous process of tailoring a suitable cleaning procedure to fit the unique needs of a client who looks forward to meeting a company’s hygiene and safety needs.

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