Comprehensive Church Cleaning Checklist

“To have a clean mind, you need a clean space”. Places of worship and religious institutions often experience large gatherings, particularly during festive periods. And in an area that is all about good energy and deep spirituality, cleanliness becomes a top priority. This is why every church should have a detailed checklist for church cleaning. Churches receive a lot of traffic from a wide range of crowds in the weeks prior to Christmas. With a small team of volunteers and workers, it is not easy to keep your local church clean and perfect. This is why it is better to hire church cleaning services in Sydney. If you are looking for some tips on how to keep your local church clean, this church cleaning checklist will help you out!

Essential Elements On Your Checklist For Church Cleaning: Key Areas To Focus On

Cleaning a church is not as simple as you think – a church is a vast space that is divided into multiple sub-spaces. Each space has to be surveyed carefully and then a proper checklist should be made on how to clean the spaces systematically. Here are some of the most used spaces in a church that you should definitely add to your Christmas church cleaning checklist.

Worship Areas – Pews And Aisles

Since the pews and the aisles are some of the most used spaces in a church, it is important to keep them clean and sanitized. The spaces around, like the windows, should also be often dusted and cleaned for a clean praying space.

Altar And Sanctuary

The altar and the sanctuary are the most sacred parts of the church, so it is important to keep these spaces well-aerated and clear. The linens kept on the altar should be washed as often as possible and the stains in the linens should be removed often.

Kitchen And Office Spaces

Many churches have additional spaces like a kitchen and an official office. While the office is often kept organized, it is the kitchen that would need more maintenance. You can have a daily as well as weekly cleaning schedule for your church kitchen – clean the appliances, wipe the counters, and always check the faucets for leaks.

Daycare Space And Restrooms

Many churches have a daycare space – this might be a tough space to clean because children make it messy. The basic checklist for the daycare space would be to clean the floor every day and keep the nursery completely sanitized. The toys and other things kept in the nursery should be cleaned often. As for the restroom, they need everyday maintenance, as well as weekly cleaning. You can also hire professional church cleaning services in Sydney to make your work easier!

Entrance And Balcony

The entrance of the church might become muddy or dirty, so it requires cleaning every day. The doors and windows should be dusted and polished often to maintain the quality of the furniture. The balcony and the other outer spaces should also be vacuumed and dusted often. Church cleaning checklist

Key Tasks For A Thorough Church Cleaning

If the church is often cleaned with the help of professional cleaning time, then you would have an idea about some of the basic things behind the cleaning process. Here are some cleaning tasks you should have on your checklist for church cleaning every time you go tidying around.

Focus On the Seating Areas

Since the pews and the aisles are the spaces that get the most traffic, they are bound to end up dirtier than the other parts of the church, So, it is better to clean the seating areas – if you clean the area often, a simple dust down and a wiping should be enough.

Clean The Drawers, Cabinets, And Other Storage Spaces

Be it an office, a home, or any space, even the church, drawers and cabinets always get clogged up with too many documents and other things that usually do not belong in a drawer. Tidy and organize all the storage spaces in the church to avoid storage issues.

Thorough Cleaning Of All The Lighting Fixtures And Fans

Often, dust settles on the lighting fixtures and the fans, making it a nuisance for those visiting the church. Dust all of these fixtures twice a month and wipe them clean to reduce dust and pollution.

Polish The furniture

At least once every six months, the furniture in the church should be polished to maintain the condition of the place. The doors and the pews can be polished once a year to retain the serenity of the church.

Vacuum, Mop, and Sanitize

All the spaces of the church should be vacuumed thoroughly and then mopped. This is to ensure that the church is completely sanitized and cleaned. Since many people use the facilities in a church, it is important to keep the place clean.

Restock Necessities

Be it in the kitchen, the nursery, the office, or the restrooms, it is crucial to restock all the necessities in their respective places. From kitchen napkins to nursery toys and sanitary products, make sure to check stock every month and restock at the right time.

Inspect For Leaks, Cracks, And Other Issues

Once a month, check for leaks in the restroom and the kitchen. Also, check for cracks on the floor and the walls periodically to avoid any future issues. Any plumbing and structural issues in the church should be immediately addressed.

The Bottom Line

With the arrival of the festive season comes the task of cleaning the church. While it is wonderful to clean your local church with a group of volunteers with the help of our ultimate checklist for church cleaning, you can also opt for professional services. Church cleaning services in Sydney, like KV Cleaning, have many years of experience and help you to effectively tidy up a large space like a church in a very short time! Contact KV Cleaning today to get your church ready for Christmas!