7 Key Areas To Focus While Doing A Deep Cleaning 

Keeping a clean and hygienic environment is essential for the success of any pub. However, offering services throughout the year with very little downtime presents a challenge in upholding a consistent cleaning routine.

With many pubs serving the community all year round, you might not get the time gap to complete the cleaning of the entire place. Therefore, you might have to devise a cleaning strategy to perform cleaning in an effective, simple, yet convenient way. Cleaning may be impossible to fit into your hectic schedule while focusing on your business. As a result, it is preferable to hire professional pub cleaning services in Sydney to keep your pub clean and organized.

This article will explain the 7 key areas to deep clean in a pub that you should not avoid at any cost. Let’s have a look at why it is important to clean the pub at regular intervals and how to maintain the pub cleanly without disrupting the flow of your service. We will also help you create a cleaning strategy for your pub by focusing on the key areas that can impact your business.

7 Key Areas You Should Not Miss While Deep Cleaning

Every time you clean a huge area, it is normal to forget about some critical places. But here is the list of 7 key areas to clean in a pub on a regular basis. This list can help you strategize and plan the cleaning routine to maximize efficiency and improve the pub’s reputation within the community.

key areas to deep clean in a pub

Entrance Area

Since the customers will have their first impression of the entrance area, it is critical to maintain it perfectly. It usually is a simple task as the surfaces are exposed to people only for a short time being. However, it should be ensured that the walls and floor are clean and not sticky at all times. It can be cleaned before or after closing and once or twice during the service.


Since the majority of time is spent on floors wandering and getting comfortable, it can leave a considerable amount of dust/other particles in addition to food spilling. Thus, it is advisable to clean the floors every two hours to ensure a well-lit ambiance.

If your pub is open for more than 12 hours and is able to accommodate a large group of people at a time, having a clean floor is a necessity to avoid any accidents or hazards.


It is usual for the guests to use the washroom and toilets before they leave, and if they find a dirty toilet, it can cause them to leave immediately and never come back. Thus, it is advised to check up and clean the toilets every hour.

In addition, you can make use of self-cleaning soaps or detergents that clean themselves during every flush. This will help you reduce the effort needed for cleaning, and it can improve the toilet facilities amidst the rush hour service timings in your pub.

Tables, Chairs

When you have the tables and chairs arranged perfectly, tiny bits of particles can cause discomfort for users. Therefore you should ensure that the tables and chairs are cleaned after every service.

It is advisable to clean the tables and chairs every time a customer leaves after finishing their drinks or food. Making it a regular practice can improve the hygiene standards of your pub. Regular cleaning will also help you find faulty chairs and tables. Thus, you can instantly replace them, thereby helping in preventing major injuries and avoiding hazards to the customers.

Lights, Ventilation Ducts

Lights and airflow determine the ambiance and vibe of a pub. To ensure proper lighting and ventilation, it is advised to clean these items every day and to include them in the list of key areas to deep clean in your pub.

The ventilation equipment is often forgotten since they are kept at a safe distance from the public. But to maintain its efficiency and to ensure proper ventilation it is essential to clean them regularly.

As time passes by, the ventilation ducts, chandeliers, and other lighting equipment might get covered with dust. Therefore, the functioning can be severely affected, and it can lead to a poor vibe and atmosphere within the pub. Thus it is essential to clean these equipment’s and deep clean them once in a while to avoid any functionality issues.

Ledges Within The Bar

One of the most neglected parts is that it can accumulate a lot of dust and waste particles. It is advisable to clean them every time you get a chance. People will always be placing their hands, standing towards the ledges, and even leaning for their drinks; therefore, the chances of waste accumulation are high in these areas.

Bar Area

Although it is not visible to normal people, it is advisable to maintain a clean bar area to avoid any discomfort or hazards while making drinks. It is normal to spill drinks and food items during busy times.

Most of the time the cleaning is not possible in between services and staffs often forget about cleaning this area. Therefore, the chances of impending hazards are quite huge, and it is advisable to clean the bar area every once in a while.


This list of 7 key areas to clean in a pub is merely a representation and a guide to help you run the pub while maintaining the reputation and service requirements legally. Having a clean atmosphere is necessary to avoid hazards at work and for running the business successfully.

Maintaining a regular checklist and training the staff to clean the areas properly can improve the reputation of your pub and help you attain a higher rating within the community.

In addition to cleaning your pub on a daily basis, always use professional pub cleaning services like KV Cleaning on a regular basis to help you improve the cleanliness and the reputation of your pub.