Must-Know Commercial Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

The windows work as the eye to your business. They may not be as noticeable as the walls or floors, but they contribute to the health of your employees and visitors. Apart from making your establishment look professional and trustworthy, window cleaning tips can help you clean windows and also affect the morale of the employees.

However, it can be difficult to get the windows clean and clear. Just like other skills, window cleaning needs practice and professional tools. You, as a business owner or property manager, have a choice: do window cleaning yourself or hire a commercial window cleaning company.

6 Window Cleaning Ideas From Cleaning Professionals

If you do not clean the commercial space windows every few months, they can get caked up with dried rainwater, dust, and other kinds of debris. There is a bit of art and science to window glass cleaning, which most people are unaware of.

Here are some window cleaning tips and tricks to help you wash the windows of your establishment yourself.

1. Use The Right Materials & Equipment

Before you start to clean your windows, prepare a commercial cleaning checklist of the materials and equipment needed. Using the right equipment can help you achieve a professional finish. It is important to buy high-quality tools before you start cleaning the windows and store them carefully once the cleaning is done.

2. Use Different Scrubbers For Inside & Outside The Window

To get the best results, use two sets of scrubbers. The external part of the windows is exposed to all kinds of dirt and dust. If you use the same scrubber for inside and outside, you will be bringing in all kinds of substances from the outside. Have a dedicated scrubber for each side of the window to prevent contamination.

3. Clean From Top To Bottom

Another great window cleaning tip you can apply is to clean the windows from top to bottom. It ensures that the cleaning solutions fall down to the area you will clean later. Also, starting from the top it prevents any dripping of the dirty water into the parts that you have already cleaned before.

4. Pick A Cloudy Day To Clean The Windows

You may feel like the best day to clean the windows on a hot sunny day, but it is not. It is because the sun’s rays can result in the glasses getting dry even before the cleaner can rinse the area. It can cause dirt marks on the windows that can be challenging to get rid of. So, pick an overcast day to clean your window glasses. You may also try to wash the windows early in the morning or at dawn.

Commercial window cleaning tips

5. Clean The Frame Of The Windows First

Window cleaning can be a breeze if you know the right technique. Often, people clean the glass first, which is a big mistake. If you hire commercial cleaning services, you will see that they clean the frames before the glass. The main reason is that there is dust and dirt hidden in the frames and tracks of the windows. These can get mixed with the cleaners and leave marks on the window glass. So, first, remove the dust from the frames using a mixer of baking soda and vinegar. Once it is done, you can wipe down the window glasses without a problem.

6. Never Use Paper For Cleaning The Windows

People often use paper towels or paper to clean the windows. The liquid cleaners can make the paper wet and will get stuck to the windows. Newspapers can leave ink marks on the glass. Commercial window cleaning experts suggest using a microfiber cloth Instead of paper. These not only clean the glass properly but will also not leave any marks behind.

By following the above window cleaning ideas, your company is sure to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Window Cleaning Company

  • Increased Natural Light & Reduced Energy Costs
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Improve Outside Views
  • Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Extend Life of the Windows
  • Promotes Good Health
  • Reduce Allergens Indoors

Call The Best For Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning might seem straightforward, but getting it right takes the right skill set and a lot of experience. While the above window cleaning tips can be quite helpful, it is best to call in a commercial window cleaning service to help save you a lot of time, effort, and money. 

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