Explaining The Key Factors Of School Cleaning Cost

School cleaning is a process of immense planning, detailing the school cleaning cost, and scheduling the correct procedure of cleaning that can ensure an enhanced learning environment. Sometimes, this process can be challenging and requires extra effort regarding its procedures.

For this reason, most schools opt for a commercial cleaning service with a school cleaning cost that fits their budget. That being said, you might often wonder how much it costs for school cleaning and what elements fall within the cleaning procedure.

To break all these fragments and gain a comprehensive understanding, we give you a detailed insight into what and how much school cleaning costs. Further understanding of the various external factors that govern this pricelist and how it can be handled. Let us look into the various details of school cleaning costs.

Charting The School Cleaning Prices

With all those factors and external elements that shape the cost of school cleaning, there is an estimated price list of how much school cleaning can cost based on the size of the school. Let us take a look at this estimated pricelist:

Cleaning TypeSmall Sized School (1-10 rooms)Medium Sized School (10-20 rooms)Large Sized School (20+ rooms)
Weekly Cleaning$300 to $600 monthly$600 to $1200 monthly$1700 monthly
Daily Cleaning$500 to $1000 monthly$1000 to $1550 monthly$3000+ monthly
Monthly Cleaning$200 to $400 monthly$400 to $800 monthly$1200 monthly

This school cleaning cost is based on the school cleaning services and their frequency, usually provided by commercial cleaners. These prices can vary depending on the company and the school’s geographical location within Sydney.

The school cleaning prices mentioned above are calculated based on the size of the school, which can detailed as follows:

Small sized schoolMedium-sized schoolLarge sized school
$2000 to $3000 per month$3000 to $6000 per month$7500 and above per month
$0.20 to $0.30 per square foot per day$0.15 to $0.20 per square foot per day$0.25 per square foot per day
up to 10,000 square feet20,000 – 30,000 square feetOver 30,000 square feet

Apart from these cleaning services, the school cleaning procedure may require additional cleaning services, usually available as part of the school cleaning packages. The price of these additional cleaning services can be comprehensively understood through the table given below:

Type of Additional ServiceCost Of Service
Carpet Cleaning$75-$125 per classroom
Floor Waxing$55-$75 per classroom
Window Cleaning$20 to $25 per classroom
Disinfection and sanitization$45 to $65 per classroom

The cost of these additional services can vary depending on individual cleaning companies, influencing the overall school cleaning rate. The above-given pricelist is for additional cleaning services provided to a medium-sized school with 15 plus classrooms.

One of the school cleaning tips often circulating amongst the community is to avail a complete cleaning package that can cover these additional services with other cleaning requirements rather than opting for them separately.

To better understand the school cleaning cost, let us look into the external factors that influence the school cleaning checklist and the price of the same.

School Cleaning Price

Factors Influencing The School Cleaning Cost

We have looked comprehensively into the various price lists depending on the size of the school and the frequency of cleaning services. But apart from these factors, several other external elements contribute to and influence the cost of school cleaning. Let us look into these elements in detail:

Size Of The School

  • Depending on the size of the school, the cost of school cleaning can vary. Small-sized schools would comparatively have lower prices compared to large-sized schools, which require more time, labor, and resources to clean thoroughly.

Frequency Of The Cleaning Service:

  • The cleaning schedule designed for each school can differ depending on the various factors that a school considers while curating a cleaning procedure.
  • The cost of school cleaning for a daily cleaning service would be higher compared to a cleaning schedule that follows weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Scope Of Cleaning Services:

  • While most of the school cleaning involves a typical routine of cleaning services, some of the schools only opt for certain cleaning services that are required for their institution.
  • For example, an institution might opt for dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing. In contrast, they might not opt for disinfection or carpet cleaning. This scope of cleaning service will influence the cost of cleaning.

Special Requirements Or Add-ons

  • One of the essential elements of a commercial cleaning package is the additional services that are opted for by schools.
  • Opting for add-ons or special cleaning requirements will cost more than a cleaning package charge.
  • Additionally, services or requirements can include the usage of eco-friendly products, allergen-free cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, etc.

Labor Costs

  • The greater the size of a school, the larger the work required. This, in turn, increases the labor cost, mainly including any additional cleaning services that will include more time and perfection, like window cleaning services.

Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

  • One of the elements of school cleaning cost that is often explained during a contract discussion is the cost of cleaning equipment and supplies necessary for the cleaning procedure.

Contract vs. One-Time Services

  • Schools that look for contract-based cleaning services would have a different price list as compared to one-time services.
  • Usually, one-time cleaning services cost higher as compared to signing a cleaning contract with a commercial cleaning company.
  • A contract-based cleaning service also helps reduce the cost of emergency services or additional cleaning services without any hidden charges.

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