Why To Make A Restaurant Cleaning Checklist?

According to a report by a USA-based agency, diseases caused by improper hygiene and cleanliness are increasing by a rate of 0.57% every year. It might not look like a significant value, but the number is in millions. Therefore, high-traffic places like restaurants need to follow strict cleaning and maintenance rules to ensure a safe atmosphere for all.

But what are the primary protocols, and what steps should be followed to achieve these goals? Here, the need comes for a proper restaurant cleaning checklist. A daily restaurant cleaning checklist can improve hygiene standards and elevate the restaurant’s performance, too.

Steps To Make A Perfect Checklist For Restaurant Cleaning

Checklist For Front House Cleaning Of Restaurant

These days, especially, the first thing that customers will notice about your restaurant is the front of the house, so it’s important to create a welcoming environment there that will last throughout their meal. Looks are crucial in this situation. Make sure your visitors can notice that the cleaning has been intensified.

Cleaning Materials Required

  • Spray cleansers for surfaces and glass
  • Bleach is the Sanitizer solution
  • Fresh linens
  • Broom
  • A pail of hot, soapy water and a mop

In The Course Of The Shift

  • Mist and wipe clean high-traffic areas, including table tops and door knobs, whenever required
  • Have a staff member do this function even more frequently
  • During high traffic, it’s advisable to take away any shared condiments that are often kept on the table, such as ketchup bottles, and only provide them upon request
  • Make sure to wipe them down after each usage
  • Ensure that windows and glass doors are spotless and free of streaks. Spot-clean them if required
  • Verify that every table is set up neatly and has everything needed
  • Make sure the bathrooms are clean on a regular basis

When Finishing Off

  • Set out napkins and silverware for the following shift
  • Mist and wipe down.
  • Apply a mist and clean every tabletop
  • Sanitize and thoroughly clean all bathroom surfaces
  • Mop and sweep the floors
  • Clean up any visible dirt or crumbs from rugs using a vacuum

Checklist For Bar Cleaning

The bar is a bustling space that visitors can see clearly. Maintaining cleanliness is crucial for both safety and aesthetic reasons.

Cleaning Materials Required

  • Spray cleansers for surfaces
  • A few spotless bar napkins
  • Bleach is the Sanitizer solution
  • Garbage bags
  • Broom

In the course of the shift

  • Clean the bar as often as possible. During a health crisis, replace your bar cloth more frequently than usual and use a sanitizing solution frequently
  • Always remember to put glassware in the dishwasher—refill straws, stirrers, and napkins, among other disposable items
  • Make sure to empty the recycling and rubbish bins
  • Furthermore, the surfaces within coolers should be sprayed and cleaned
  • Bottles, cabinets behind the bar, and any ornamental fixtures should all be cleaned and dusted. Flush and clean the keg’s lines
  • Clear any debris left by moving equipment

When Finishing Off

  • Empty and clean the garnish trays
  • Bottles and speedwells should be cleaned
  • Tidy up the soda cannons
  • Shake off and clean out ice wells
  • Take the floor mats off to clean them

checklist for restaurant cleaning

Checklist For Cleaning The Back House Of The Restaurant

The constant flow of food and dirty dishes can rapidly cause chaos in the back of the house. It’s critical to keep up with restaurant kitchen cleaning duties for both employee and patron safety.

Cleaning Materials Required

  • Spray cleansers for surfaces and glass
  • Fresh linens
  • Wool pads made of steel
  • Bleach is the Sanitizer solution
  • Cleanser for stainless steel
  • Dishwasher detergent

In The Course Of The Shift

  • Before beginning the prep, make sure that every surface is clean
  • While cooking various foods, wash and sterilize surfaces
  • After everything has been put into a fresh container, wrap it up and date it
  • When necessary, move the tools to the dish pit

When Finishing Off

  • Take cutting boards, bowls, containers, etc., to the dish pit after cleaning all of the equipment and instruments
  • All stainless steel surfaces, including ice makers and refrigeration devices, should be polished and cleaned after handling food preparation
  • Take the floor mats off to clean them
  • Mop and sweep the floorboards
  • Refill paper towels and soap dispensers
  • Put soiled linens and towels in the proper bins

The Line Cleaning Checklist

The line is one of the most important places in the restaurant kitchen. Improper cleaning of the line can lead to several diseases and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, members should follow proper practices to keep the line clean.

In The Course Of The Shift

  • Grills and griddles should be cleaned after each usage
  • Trash any large spills or splatters
  • Verify whether the temperature of any food-holding units is hot or cold
  • After preparing any potentially hazardous meal, sanitize the surfaces
  • Enforce surface sanitization during a health emergency at predetermined times

When Finishing Off

  • Empty the drip trays and clean the griddles and grills
  • Sort the oil from the frying
  • For both hot and cold food holding units, empty and sanitize
  • Take pots and pans, etc., to the dish pit and clean the tools and equipment
  • Clean and degrease every surface
  • Take the floor mats off to clean them

Tips To Make The Right Checklist For Restaurant Cleaning

Understanding the importance of restaurant cleanliness and preparing a proper checklist is essential to grow in this sector, where hygiene and sanitation matter a lot. Let’s see how you can prepare the right checklist,

  • Prepare a proper cleaning schedule and follow it strictly
  • Ensure to follow best hygiene practices and convey them to your customers, too
  • Look for professional restaurant cleaning services Sydney to ensure hygiene
  • Spread awareness among staff and customers to follow standard hygiene practices

Final Words

Hygiene is one of the pillars that elevate the standard of your restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a proper checklist for restaurant cleaning. If you are facing any problems during the cleaning and maintenance of your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact professional commercial cleaning services like KV Cleaning in Sydney.