All You Need To Know About Warehouse Floor Cleaning

What do you imagine when you think of running a warehouse business? Cleaning warehouse floors is an essential part to maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. In fact, supervisors are primarily focused on productivity and other things, hiring the professional warehouse floor cleaners is the best option.

Because, rarely anyone from in-house pays attention to clean floors during the busy hours of daily operations. However, dirty floors will surely catch people’s attention. It’s because, in a warehouse, dirty floors are not just an eyesore; they are downright dangerous!

Dust and grime can significantly shorten the lifespan of goods. And greasy and slippery floors can cause accidents. Workplace injury can lead to lawsuits and cost your business hundreds of dollars.

Why Is Warehouse Floor Cleaning So Important?

Think of warehouse management as a play. The workers, operating heavy machinery, are the actors. The goods are the props. But floor cleaning happens behind the scenes.

You don’t necessarily watch it happen, and no one talks about it. However, without it, the set would fall apart and the audience would not be sold on the scenes.

Still not convinced why you should hire a warehouse floor cleaning service in Sydney? The following points will surely change your mind!

Protecting The Health And Safety of Your Staff

No one comes to work, thinking that’s the day they will get into an accident! It’s true that you cannot predict or prevent an unforeseeable event. But you can surely take steps to eliminate the obvious causes.

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common accidents to occur in warehouses. They primarily happen due to some problem with the floor. It can be a greasy or oily patch, causing workers to slip. Or, debris that causes people and vehicles to trip over.

An extreme buildup of dust has several health repercussions. It can trigger allergies and respiratory problems; and in the worst cases, chronic lung disease. Warehouses that store food items must meet strict hygiene requirements. Dust is a key source of cross-contamination. Combustible dust, on the other hand, can also cause fire hazards.

Boosting Employee Productivity

Nothing slows down operations like an inefficient workforce. However, it’s not always your staff’s fault. Their efficiency is bound to go down if they have to constantly dodge debris and move around spills.

On the surface, it may seem like a minor issue. After all, how much time is it really taking to take one extra turn? But the small inefficiencies stack up in the long run, making the whole system inefficient. Before you know it, you may start missing deadlines simply because the pick-up took longer than it should have.

If you want your workforce to work like a well-oiled machine, hire a warehouse floor cleaning service to create the perfect environment.

Protecting The Goods

If you liken a warehouse to a treasure chest, the goods will be the treasure! The products you store at the warehouse are a valuable asset.

And you are responsible for protecting that asset. A high buildup of dirt, grease, and moisture can damage the products. Organic produce and other food items may even start to rot in some conditions.

Damaged goods and reduced quality can cause recalls. You may even lose clients if you are not careful. So, it is wise to allocate a few hours every day to warehouse cleaning.

There are a couple more, rather obvious, reasons to keep up with warehouse floor cleaning:

  • A clean facility will help impress clients.
  • It will reduce repair and replacement costs.

Warehouse floor cleaning in Sydney

How To Clean Warehouse Floor Like The Pros?

Warehouse floor cleaning is no child’s play. Only trained cleaners with the right equipment can achieve a satisfactory cleanup. So, the best strategy would be to hire a commercial cleaning company that specialises in warehouse floor cleaning.

However, even if you hire professionals for the job, it cannot hurt to know a few tips and tricks of the trade. Let’s take a look at how the pros clean warehouse floors:

Prepare The Space

When it comes to warehouse floor cleaning, a simple sweep-and-mop routine isn’t going to cut it! Because of the size and scale of the space, you need to prepare it before you can start cleaning. Make sure to:

  • Remove all the boxes and items out of the way
  • Clear up as much floor space as possible
  • Have all the tools and equipment at hand
  • Perform a thorough visual risk assessment

If you are focusing on the productivity and no time to prepare the warehouse for cleaning, worry not professional cleaners from KV Cleaning will take care of each process.

Sweep Up Loose Dirt And Debris

It’s simple. It’s effective. Sweeping should be part of your daily warehouse floor cleaning routine. You would be surprised how much dirt and dust accumulates at the warehouse every day. So, sweeping daily is an excellent way to reduce buildup. Make sure to add this to your daily cleaning routine. This way, the following cleanups won’t be as brutal.

Take Care of Spills Immediately

There’s no reason to get frustrated with your employees if they spill stuff on the floors. Spills can happen; what matters is how you deal with them. Ideally, you should clean up spills immediately to prevent accidents and stains. Old and dry spills take much longer to clean.

However, if you spot any tough stains, you will need to clean them with a strong cleaning agent. Warehouse cleaning company in Sydney like KV Cleaning use bleach for such purposes. If you want a less aggressive approach, you may look into alternative cleaning products.

If you follow these 3 things diligently, warehouse floor cleaning should become easy. For professional help, check out KV Cleaning.